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Domestic discipline?

 1. So I deleted a bunch off ppl from my facebook.. and changed my phone number.. because I've learned that most people suck at life and well I'm better than them.... like really your going to fuck your ex after fucking me.. well news flash she Rosenfeld have a job... she's ugly... fat and using you wake the fuck up!

2.. I'm really like my friends ex.. I don't think it counts because she's gay now so he should be free game.. right..

3.I like to fight.. not Are why but I love looking for trouble and some how I talk my way out of the trouble I seem to Ger in to... its a rush and I have yet to meet my match. of my bestfriends is moving and I feel like an ass b.c I taled her into going but I can't looooooosssssseeeee her she's my bestie... but I know if I tell her she won't go... ;( so ill keep my mouth shut...

5 I'm addacted to a blog about domestic discipline 

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