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Cartoon girls never say no

when i was 16 i used to force my next door neighbors daughter to show me her tits. they where huge, she was only a year younger than me. but she wouldnt ever tell me no or try and stop me. i think she liked the attention. because it would always go the same way. her fam would leave her home alone and she would call me to come over. one day i just asked her if i could see hem at first she said no  then we started to wrestle around  and i just pulled em out.  i dont know if she really did like it or not but i do feel bad about it now.11 years later.

I once stole 20 bucks from a friend. his mom gave him 60 to buy some new shoes and he put the money away right in front of me. the sad part is after i took it i blamed it on a 4 year old who later got his ass beat for somthing he didnt do. sorry petey.

when i was 17 i got my gf pregnant. she had an abortion and it still hurts to think about. when my  mom asked me what was wrong with her i told her she had really bad food poisoning. if she would have known the whole truth she would have kicked me out the house.

somtimes i get bored and jerk off at work. its amazing he things we can look at and see on phones these days.

i think i like cartoon porn over real people. its funny and actually entertaining. plus the girls are always hot .

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