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Love is blind

1.1 ~ I've been married 2 years, we have 2 kids and I feel so trapped. I firmly believe my wife intended to get pregnant because she knew I would leave my wife at the time to marry her. 

1.2 ~ I'm so bored with her because I don't feel the affection from her that I used to when we were dating. Sometimes I regret leaving my ex wife. 

1.3 ~ our sex life sucks. I'm 24 and have a really healthy sex drive. She is 25 and I've met grandmothers who were more spontaneous than her. She wont have sex in the morning because she "needs to brush teeth first". One time we had planned to have sex in the car by the beach. As we were pulling up to the spot she decided she needed to call her mother. She has only orgasmed twice through our whole relationship but I know its not lack of skills on my part and I am not unattractive by any means. my morals won't allow me to cheat even tho a few sexy opportunities have presented them selves.

1.4 ~ I love love. I love dating. I love holding hands and making out in public. I love making women feel good. I love the feeling I get when I know I have satisfied a woman emotionally physically and mentally. But that doesn't happen too often anymore. No matter how hard I try. 

1.5 ~ lately she has had her heart set on buying a house but I don't think I am comfortable enough to make such a big commitment with her. I would love to own a house, just not with her, not yet. 

1.bonus ~ it upsets me deeply when I read secrets from women who are in need of some love and affection but can't find a guy who isn't just in it for the temporary gratification. It's a shame that so many of you ladies are deprived and women like my wife are blind to what they have.

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  1. 1.1 yor morals won't allow you to cheat but u did on your ex wife, that doesn't make sense. Or is it as you left her you now have morals.

    1.2 I believe we reap what we left someone for someone else and now you're complaining? Its what you wanted in the first place, how do you think your ex feels? You're getting what you deserve.
    1.3 the same way she is now not realizing what she has infront of her, you didn't realize what you had infront of you with your ex.
    1.4 you may think I sound bitter...maybe because I am. My ex just decided that I wasn't good enough anymore last week
    1.5 I would have done anything for this guy, I loved him unconditionally, even his nasty ways...I am independant, have all my own stuff which I shared with him. I cooked and cleaned and took care of him. Sex was fantastic or so I thought. Then he left for a girl he's only known a couple months...but the blow is she doesn't want him and now he has none of us because I sure won't have him back.


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