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Everyone should be happy

i love my boyfriend, i waited for us to be together for years. it will be a year next month.

but i hate him right now, for being an asshole, not caring about my feelings, being so immature. 

he says hes not in love with me, yet. everyone except me believes he already is.

i have done everything for him, is he doesnt love me by now will he ever? can u be in love with someone, in a relationship, if they dont love you back, yet?

i wished for this, so i feel guilty to feel like im trapped, when i should be happy everyday, but im not.

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  1. Wow...This really opened my eyes to something. right now I'm so in love with my ex boyfriend. He's going away for awhile. I told him I would wait for him which is 4 yrs. And your whole thing just made me realize maybe I shouldn't. You've waited long enough for him and he still isn't in love with you. Maybe you should move on and find a man who adores you and loves you with all your heart and will give you everything. Just like you do to your boyfriend right now. I know exactly how you feel. I also know that you prolly don't even want to think about moving on because you love him so much right? Yea ...I love my ex a lot. I would do anything and everything for him. Think about it though. And I will too. I'll pray for you. = )


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