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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jordan's boobs are so last summer

I want to leave home when i'm sixteen next month but i have no where to go and i cant tell my parents because they dont believe in all that crap and think a girl should stay at home untill she is married. BULLSHIT.

I want a boob job as i think it will look good with my figure but not jordan style ofcoarse. I want a nose job too.

Im planning on getting a brazilian rainbow boa when i am older IF i'm still with my current boyfriend as he has a phobia of snakes and i love to see him look teriffied and about to shit himself,its different than the hench,not-afraid-of anything guy i know.

My boyfriend is younger than me but he is more experienced,sex-wise,and i feel that i have to live up to the girls he has had sex with. I'm very concious of my body especially my boobs,ass and pussy. I love my toned tummy though.

I have lost most of my friends this year,due to spending all my time with my boyfriend. It's not fair,if they were so loved up like we are,they would try and spend as much time as they can with the person they think the world of. Say no more.

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  1. I hate when people do this. I recently had it out with my friend over her 'forgetting' that anyone else existed now that she has a new boyfriend.

    Life is about balance and just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean the world stops or that no one else exists. Your friends were there before him and, a lot of times, will be there after him, so you really ought to treat them with respect whether you are in a relationship or not. Otherwise, what seems to have happened to you will: you treat the people who love you like shit, they have every reason to turn their backs on you until you get your head out of your ass.


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