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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Faking it is never the answer!

Uno: I don't think I can ever love my boyfriend. I am good at pretending. But I don't think I'm capable of having those feelings. It scares me.

Dos: I am scared I might be sick. To everyone's eyes I look fine. But I really feel like something might not be right.

Tres: My best friend, that is a boy, wants to eat me out. He asks me if he could go down on me all the time. I am to scared to let him. And I don't know if I would like it.

Cuatro: I often wonder how much my boyfriend and his ex still talk. He claims to hate her but it seems like he still talks to her anyways. Or maybe she just makes it seem like that. She's such a slut.

Cinco: I am pretty sure the boyfriend I have now will be the boy that takes my virginity. I am 19. But I am nervous he won't be able to make me orgasm. I don't think I can fake it though. But I don't want it to hurt his ego.

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  1. Uno. I have about decided that is the way I feel too. I really care about the guy I am with but I just don't know if I love him. I have been married but still don't know if I have ever been truly in love with a man.
    Dos. You may just be paranoid or hyprocondriac. Maybe you should talk to a doctor about your concerns.
    Tres. Oh yeah, you would like it. Just let him do it.
    Cuatro. If you don't know if you want him what does it matter if he is talking to his ex? That's a good reason to stop talking to him. Anyways, I will never understand these girls that don't want a guy but don't want anyone else to have them either. If you don't want him let him move on, or backwards whatever he wants to do.
    Cinco. Never fake orgasm. You do it the first time and you will always have to fake. Believe me. I am 30 years old and I have done alot of faking. If he knows it's your first time he should be willing to take time with you and show you the ropes if he has done it before. If he doesn't he really isn't worth it. If he doesn't offer any foreplay for your first time then you really need to run run run from that guy.


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