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Half naked sex is no fun

1) No matter how hard I try I can't stay away from men. I love the attention I get from men when I look my best. 
2) I hate sex yet I will have sex with anyone that offers. I feel like such a whore yet I still can't stop. I guess it's that attention I love so much. 
3) No matter who I have sex with I can never have an orgasm. It is horrible. I wish I could get more out of it than the affection, cause that fades.  
4) I will never understand why relationships fade. One day in, the guy is all over you, doing all the RIGHT things at the RIGHT times.  One week in, you are still getting occassional back rubs and you are still having sex every day, sometimes twice.  One month in, the sex still seems to be on a daily basis at least and you are getting a little less affection than you did the month before. One year in, you have no clue who the other person is. You do good to get sex once a month and that's only half naked. You never get touched in a sexual way or coax into the bedroom. You are told what is going to happen, five seconds, it's over. Why do relationship fade like that?
5) I just want to get away for awhile. I don't know where I want to go or what I want to do while I am there. Just want to get away. Far far away. 

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