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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time for some home cooking

* I had an awesome time going out to eat with a friend tonight. Maybe some people would think I was stupid for even consider being friends with him but I love hanging out with him. Thanks friend and sorry I wasn't better company. Working nights wears me out.
* I love working nights because it allows me to be there for my child if ever he needs me during the day. However, I hate working nights because friends automatically assume I don't need sleep. They forget that I am working all night while they are sleeping. Guess it just seems to them like they have a friend that doesnt work. Hello, I AM WORKING WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING, FRIENDS. Lol. 
* My ex is really a great guy to hang out with. I wish that more people saw that and didn't talk so bad about him. He makes jokes and stupid comments just like everyone does, but he is still a cool guy to be around. 
* That being said, I still do not want to date him. Sex is wonderful since we broke up and if we ever got back together I just don't think it would work. I want to be by myself and not have to answer to anyone right now. Being independent rules. 
* I think my ex has lost way too much weight. I am not going to accuse or point fingers as to why, but I hope it's just the heat. To me, he looks sick. Come on cool weather so this dude can eat and put some meat on his bones. LOL. 

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