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That makes you pretty normal

1) I'm 14 years old and I wanna have sex really badly! I think about it all the time! I know that I'm young but I just can't help it. I fantasize about it every time I'm alone. 

2) I'm a girl and I like guys but I masturbate to lesbian porn, I'm not sure what that makes me... 

3) I think my moms an alcoholic and nobody knows but my family, I'm afraid of what people might think if they find out. She's been sober for almost two weeks now :) but I'm not sure why, and idk how long it will last. (hopefully forever) 

4) I went out with this guy for like a month and then he broke up with me, I don't really know why though. Whenever I talk about it with my friends I always pretend that I have no idea why I ever went out with him, I say that I was just being stupid. I say this because he's kind of really ugly and nerdy. I have no clue why but I think I love him... And it kills me to know that he doesn't want to be with me. 

5) I scratched an area on my arm until all the skin was gone one time because I was too afraid to use a blade. 

*bonus* I really wish I could be little and innocent again. I hate getting older with a passion. 

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