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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy ending?

1 - when i was 9 years old i had a 15 year old male babysitter who would watch me when my parent s were at work for 8 hours 3 days a week, he would put a movie on for me and then during the movie pull his dick out.

2- when he would pull it out it would be rock hard and he would spit on his hand and rub it up and down while i watched him instead of the movie, weirdly i remember putting my hand down my panties and it was all wet down there and i remember not knowing why...

3 - after a week of him stroking it in front of me, he came over next to me during the video and told me to do it just like he did, so i did.
he leaned his head back and moaned , then told me to stop before it "exploded" he told me.. then he asked me if he could see my "private parts" and i let him, he layed me down and put his tongue on my clit
as weird as it was i liked it back then, he would stroke his penis while he licked me, i think i came every single time becuz my legs would shake after he did it for awhile, and he would then stop and smile at me.

4 - he babysat me till i was 12, and everytime he was coming over 
i remember getting wet and being happy...i missed him the days he wasnt watching me... he licked me everytime he came over to watch me 
and after a year he started cumming on my pussy, i never told anyone any of this becuase i didnt want him to get in trouble...

5 - when i turned 12 he was 18 then and he put a sex video in for me to watch when 2 ppl were having sex and told me he wanted to do it to me...
i let him, and i loved it, he was gentle and i remember it feeling so good 
he fucked me 3 times a week for 6 months till i was about 12 1/2 . and my mom didnt work at her job any more... i was sad and they said well he will come to visit sometimes and for me not to worry... he came over to see me a few times but we didnt have sex when my mom was there...
he would show me it was hard and smile at me tho...

(extra) - when i turned 18..he was then 24 , i called him and he apoligized for everything back then and i told him he never made me do anything i didnt want to do, we went out on a few dates and now we live together for the past 3 years... im now 22 and hes 28, we are expecting our first baby in 4 months
ive never been so happy with someone.... if only everyone knew our secret as how i explained it here, what would they think? would he be in trouble now for what he did back then?

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  1. I can relate. I was 12 or 13 my guy is 7 years older though. I'm 18 now. We've been dating almost 4 years. He's 25.


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