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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fresh meat

1.. I think i masturbate alittle TOO much for being a girl.

2.. im in my 20's and i have an online guy whos 15 that i talk dirty to till he cums...i go on cam for him and play with my pussy while he watchs and we talk on the phone so he can hear me moaning while i do it...
i like the way he moans when he cums watching me...

3.. if the 15 yr old guy lived closer i would let him fuck me..ALOT.

4.. when i think about the 15 yr old , i think back to when i was 15 and i was having sex with guys in their 20's and it wasnt a big deal to me and im a female... would it really be THAT bad of me to go there to fuck him a few times? idk... i even looked up the law for legal age in the state he lives in and its 16...he will be 16 in a couple months... and as soon as he turns , i might just go there...

5.. when i was 21 i had sex with a younger guy... not gonna say how old but it was good...

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