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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love game

1.I'm secretly seeing three guys. They all thiink I'm 17 because there all 21
2.I have sex with one it fucking great but the other one just can't seem to get hard. I really can't understand if its either his not attracted to me or there's something wrong with himm.. like I have been told many times I'm good look. So idk wats the problem is 
3.the worst problem about all ofthis this guys I'm the most sexualy attracted to of the guys I'm dating is the older brother of a 17 year old boy who I fell in love with but he didn't wanna see me cause I was to young.  But who's dating ur older brother now!
5.I love playing games with guys. It puts a smile on my face. But sometimes I wish I knew how to stop. So I can have a real realtionship

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