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Make sure you use lots of lube

1. I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I think I'm in love. I'm too young to be in love. am I?

2. I'm so innocent, yet I'm so not.

3. my best friend is leaving me in the dust.

4. I wish I could be raped. I would enjoy it.

5. I'm completley straight, but I love big tits and huge dicks. I have a fantasy where someone rammed my tight pussy with his huge dick as long as an arm to the point where I can barely walk anymore.  

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  1. 1. No one can say if you are too young for love. It's a feeling that only you can feel and know. However, I think that maybe young people jump to 'love' way to fast these days. Enjoy being young, you won't be 14 forever.
    2. I know the feeling of seeming innocent. I was such a rebel as a teenager but I was good at hiding it. I did so much stuff that would have had me in so much trouble, but no one ever knew.
    3. Your bestfriend is leaving you in the dust? What does that mean? Always remember that you can have more than one friend. Your bestfriend may be hanging out with other people. Nothing against you, but sometimes we need a break from each other no matter how much we love each other.
    4. Don't say you want to be raped. You may want an aggressive partner but there is a difference in that and being raped. I know from experience. I like an aggressive partner but I have been raped and they are completely different.
    5. You must have been reading some sexy book when you came up with this one. You shouldn't even know what some of those words are.


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