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Love is tough either way

I Love Laying On My Bed naked with my legs spread wide & fucking my pillow. I always orgasm it feels amazing!

I Recently split up with my boyfriend because he nearlly killed my bestfriend, i hate tge fact he took my virginity! A week later i got with a different boy, he was my ex tho. Is that bad "/

I Think Im in Love With My bestfriends mum. She jokes around with me and says im her "wifey" i wish i was. But im just hoping this is a stage were im sexually fustrated. I hope im straight 

I have had lesbian experience wen i was like 12 n i dint like kissin but fingering was amazing x

Im 16 & happy with life at the moment, i just have lil things on my mind but so does everyone :) 

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  1. I use to fuck my pillow when I was your age as well. Not crazy. It's something that everyone does, we just never shared it before five secrets.
    You are young so why settle down with one guy? I don't think you were wrong for getting with someone else after breaking up with your boyfriend. Just remember that there is too much stuff out there that soap and water won't wash off. No glove, no love. Wrap it up.
    If you have a grown woman playing around with you knowing you are a child, that's just crazy. Keep on going, do not pass go. This is not a good sign. Leave this alone and stick with people your own age. Even if you want a same sex experience, don't do your friend's mom.
    I am not a fan of alot of kissing with anyone. Yeah, I am sure it did feel good to have someone fingering you. That usually does feel good. Doesn't mean you are bi or gay.
    I hope you are truely happy with who you are, these are some of the best days of your life. Enjoy being 16.


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