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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slumber parties are good for that sort of thing

1.I am to young to watch porn and I'm a girl but I only watch lesbain porn even tho I'm straight...I think

2.i think I'm not really straight maybe bi or Les bf had a box full of porn and he was supprised I didn't get mad like some other girls insead I asked him if we could watch it together 

4.yesterday I was sexting my ex even tho we never really had a makeout sesstion 

5.i have a big crush on my best friend that's a girl but idk cuz we had slumber partys and stuff and we both seem that we wanna experament..

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  1. 1. If you openly admit you are too young to be watching porn then why still do it? It's not completely your fault though. If you are that young you shouldn't even have access. I don't completely blame you for making that choice.
    2. Sexual orientation is very complicated sometimes. When you look at what society says is right or wrong and some say one thing some say another, it does get crazy. Just enjoy who you are before you start trying to figure out the sexual part of it.
    3. I have never been upset with anyone I dated that had porn. There is really no reason to get mad. It's not like they can ever have a pornstar and pictures are usually so photoshopped you wouldn't recognize the girl if she was in front of you. Anyways, no reason to be jealous over movies or magazines. I could never watch porn with someone though. I like watching it and I don't care if they do, but never together. Makes me self conscience.
    4. You should be careful about what you text to people. I have seen too many girls get ruined because of pictures and stuff. Just be careful. No reason for you to ruin your reputation over an ex.
    5. The first bi experience I had was with my best friend from high school. We just played around several times and it was great. I am not a lesbian now. I like to look at women but I have an amazing boyfriend and I have no desire to be with a woman. It's all about being curious.


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