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Thursday, August 5, 2010

You don't own me

My love of my life was arrested last night. 
What she got caught up in really hurts me but I still want to be there for her.
I wish she knew how much I care about her
I want her to stop playing games with life but dont want to control her
I feel like parenting her but fear to lose her...but she is my girl and I should be able to take over her actions wwhen she's being self-destructive. Right?

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  1. This post is so amazing. Although this girl got arrested for whatever reason you are still showing love. That's pretty awesome. I admire you for that. However if this girl doesn't see the love you have for her and decide to change because she loves you then maybe you should move on. Giving someone a chance to change is a great idea, but once they decide that they aren't going to change then sometimes the best thing to do is leave it alone. It's easier said than done when you love someone, I know.
    Must have been a drug arrest if she was self destructing. Hopefully she will see that you love her and she will get whatever help is require to help her out of the situation she finds herself in. Good luck to you both.


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