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Maybe they can and just don't admit it

* My boyfriend is wild, crazy and the most amazing guy to be around. He has just gotten to where he doesn't come around as often and that really hurts my feelings.
 * My boyfriend says that everything is okay and he didn't know we were having any problems. Why can't guys see when something is wrong? 
* My boyfriend claims he would never cheat on me yet it makes me wonder when he is constantly deleting his messages and calls.
* My boyfriend never wants to have sex. We use to have sex every day, now we only have sex 3 times in one month and it's not even good anymore. He last maybe 5 mins. No foreplay or anything.
* My boyfriend doesn't know that I have been cheating on him for the past two months. The guy I have cheated with has done all the RIGHT things during sex. He is rough and I like it rough. Also the guy I have been cheating with was a complete stranger the first time I had sex with him. Now I know him all too well. He's a nice guy but not someone I would date.  

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  1. I'm not sure which came first, the boyfriend's shift in behaviour or your cheating. If the latter came first, perhaps your boyfriend senses that you're getting satisfied elsewhere and thus the current situation with your sex life.
    People unconsciously read signals we put out all the time; this also might be contributing to your situation.


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