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Spice is nice

1. I smoke SPICE and will as long as I can get away with it. I love being high but can't afford to fail a drug test. SPICE gives me the best of both worlds. I don't fail a test and I stay high. 
2. If SPICE gets banned I will be so sad. I am sure I will even cry. I will never buy any drugs on the street so I guess it will be one more thing I will have to give up. 
3. I don't smoke alot. I smoke like 3 nights a week. A gram will last me a week and a few days. 
4. What is the point in wasting time banning something like SPICE when you have all these people out there shooting up heroin and coke? Come on now, be for real. That is way worse. 
5. Guess I need to learn to deal with life without a vice. Next thing you know they will be taking my cigarettes out of my hand for smoking in my own home. 

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