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Maybe you shouldn't be married?

1. I love my wife but I want to be with other women sexually,   I never cheated on her per se...but. while married I let two women give me blowjobs/ballsucks and I fucked one of them with her dildos,  I tried having sex with her but I couldn't get a hard-on, she weighed about 275.

2. When I was 20 I fucked a gay guy in the ass and liked it but felt guilty afterward, at 12 had sex with two of my sisters, my wife only knows about one of them, an at 8 I rubbed my penis on a 7 year old girls vagina, she let me.

3. I like all kinds of porn straight, tranny/shemale, bdsm, gangbangs etc, I'm in love with a stripper but I depise everything she stands for.

4. When I was 22 me and a couple of friends gangbanged a girl she was willing, I've been blown by 3 prostitutes.......2 of them outdoors.

5. I am secretly afraid of what my wife would do to me if she ever found out everything I have lied about or haven't told her, married life has made me paranoid, unhappy and a alcoholic, my son (18) knows more about me than his mom, but I don't tell him everything.

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