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Sad waste of life

When I was in middle school me and my best friend stole over
$300 bucks from the tshirt money and used the same cash to
buy our tshirts..ifeel bad now abt. It.

While I was still with my gf,me and my bff took a trip to houston
Got totally messed up and had a foursome with 2 other chicks
My gf still doesn't know.

I had to stop goin to my church because I couldn't bare to see 
my ex there and not be able to touch her and kiss or tlk to her.

I smoke weed all the time..I tell my gf ill stop..but really I'm not
Because I smoke it to get past the fact that I'm still with her.

I want someone new..I'm soooo tired of my boring gf she doesn't
smoke drink,and when we go out we just stand there,I mingle
But then she gets mad abt it which makes me wnt to leave..ugh
I keep thinkin "wat a sad waste of life"

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