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Narcissus in love

1. I fantasize about the end of the world daily The Book of Eli interpretation was so beautiful.
2.. Everyone in this town is scared of me but the few who love me and admire my power is my real strengh. And I havnt hurt anyone for awhile (not badly I've punched a couple people but not hard.)
3. I'm finally dating someone my own age remember my ex was 40 and I'm 24 now I'm dating 20 but already flirting with her mom.
4. Someone owed me 20 bucks so I had 3 Guys rob him.
5. I got 6 girls strung out on drugs this summer and havnt slept with them because I like them to think I'm their dad or brother so I can control them but have fallen in love with one of them so deeply but I taught her to be emotionless and use men and I think I did too good of a job because I see nothing in her eyes anymore and it breaks my heart because all I want to do is hold her and tell her how much I love her but the other day she told me she loved me and I told her to shut up then she said like a brother but I don't know.I doubt we will ever get to share anything other than this bs relationship I forged out of ugliness and evil I have a picture of her holding a little kitty that I look at everyday.

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