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Time for a breather

* I am so happy with the way my life is going right now.  Except for one exception.....
* I hate that my ex thinks I hate him.  I care about him so much but every time we talk we argue.  I have tried to explain to him that maybe we just need to chill away from each other for awhile but he just won't stop trying to contact me.
* I really care about this guy so much.  Like he doesn't even understand it.  He thinks I am being stuck up for not talking to him but I am simply trying to move on.  Mend a broken heart before trying to have a lasting friendship with him.
* It breaks my heart when he leaves me messages and talks so bad about me.  I just cry and move on.  I don't respond cause that will just add fuel to his fire and I don't want that.  I want him to take a breather, calm down a little while and maybe we can build a friendship from nothing.  Instead of going straight into a romantic relationship.  I just can't get him to understand anything I say.  :(
* I really do miss the time I spent with him but I know it wasn't a healthy relationship for either of us at the end.  Someone had to break the cycle.  I do miss spending time with him but the sexual tension that was always in the room if we were alone got to be a little too much.  
Bonus: I don't plan on changing my number or anything to keep him away.  Just want a little time to breath and I think he needs to take that time as well.  :)

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