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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not just a pretty face

5)I often make fun of people for being immature and acting like a little kid but the truth is I envy them because I grew up to early and never really had a childhood I wish I could be happy like them.

4)Ever since I was 12 I have been depressed I have always told myself and others that everything will be better once I am an Adult and can live my own life and not have to rely on others for my happiness now I am 17 and will be 18 in about 10 months I hope what I say was true because most of my life I have hated being a kid and wanted to just grow up and get into the real world but now that i'm getting closer to being an adult my life still sucks and i'm not sure if being an adult is all I made it out to be. 

3)I have been told by every girl that I dated that I am the sweetest guy they have ever met but they are never ready for the commitment and say they can't deal with the emotions I make them feel so they dump me because there scared or else they say i'm to good to be true and I must just want sex or to use them or something but deep down all I want is a mature long lasting happy relationship and I want to make a girl feel like the happiest girl in the world and for everything to be perfect.

2)I am a hopeless romantic as you can tell from above but there are three sides of me side one is a laid back tough guy but if I trust you I will let you get to know the sweet and caring side of me that you would never expect and the third side is a sex freak all the women are right I guess about me being to good to be true but I love telling women what they like to hear making everything seem perfect telling them lies that they think are the sweetest things they ever heard and once I hear that I seduce them and tell them all the things I want to do to them they always tell me i'm good at turning people on and once it's to that point I have hot sex with them I will do whatever they want me to I love knowing that i'm doing a good job it makes me happy to make them happy actually sex and relationships are the only things that are capable of making me happy lately but afterwards they will only come around when sex is their motive when I would like to have a relationship with just one good girl but I am also afraid I will lose interest and eventually try to seduce someone else because it makes me feel good about myself that women find me attractive enough to have sex with me so easily and the fact that most of them are over 18 and i'm 17 makes me feel even better because they think i'm so mature that they don't even stress about my age this also makes me feel good about myself but when I can't find someone to have sex with I watch porn and masturbate about 4 times in that day and then I feel guilty afterward but do it again the next time I cant get sex anyways.

1)I workout all the time and try to stay in the best shape possible and follow a strict diet while all my friends will enjoy their mcdonalds and wonder what the heck is wrong with me and why I won't eat junk food but it's not because i'm worried about my health it's because i'm scared of becoming fat and unattractive not that I have a problem with heavier people I just never want to be one because everyone I have been with has made me feel as though I suck as a person but I am hot so it makes me think that's the main thing I have going for me and I don't want to lose that but at the same time I wish people would get to know me and like me for something other then my looks.

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