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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sacrificial lamb

1) I've always thought of junkies, alcoholics, drug dealers and the like as scum and would love nothing more to kill orhurt one even though that's my family.
2) I'm not very violent and avoid it whenever I can but I get so angry at ppl who are close minded, into drugs and alcohol or just too scared to make something of themselves I feel like a smack across the face would do it.
3) I'm bisexual and have a boyfriend 400 miles away.  None of my friends or family knows but they will for my birthday in two weeks!
4) I'm tricking my ex girlfriend into getting into school to make something of herself. I still love her and would do nearly anything so she would believe in herself (she admitted to giving up her dream of becoming a teacher to try porn because she insists that's all she is good for)
5) I feel like I'm not gonna be able to live my life cause I'm always taking care of those around me before my own. Im ok with this even though I'm in debt, without a car, dropped out of college, without a steady job and have stopped being social. It may be hypocritical but I will never say anything or ask for anything. 

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  1. 1) There always something good that comes from being honest.
    2) Yep, I agree that some people just need a good smack.
    3) So I am guessing you are a guy and this is the first time they will know you are with another guy?
    4) I have had the feeling from time to time that I needed to go into the sex industry because that was all I knew how to do. Well, maybe she will get an education and go on to be whatever it is that she wants to be.
    5) I am the same way. I never ask anyone for anything. Eventually someone is going to see how much you help others and it's going to come back to you. Just wait and see. I am still waiting, but I know one day someone is going to be around that is going to do just as much for me as I do for them and not take complete advantage of my kindness.


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