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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The only way

The person tht I am madly in love with doesn't want me back and now I'm soo devastated I don't kno wat to do with myself...I say fuck love cuz I poured my heart out to this girl and she ripped it out. I am a girl

I am jealous of skinny ppl because I'm not like them and I wanna be thin soo bad 

Sometimes I act depressed or sad so tht people will pay attention to me its the only way cuz I don't get much attention

I wanna be a famous singer but I have tons of insecurites tht I need to work on

I jus found out tht I get horny and turned on by Watching people on tv get raped or taken advantage of 

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  1. Heartbreak is a bummer. However when you get over the feelings of rejection you realize that maybe it wasn't a good relationship for you and you learn to move on.
    I know the feeling of wanting to be thin. I have been big my whole life. Not as big now as I was ten years ago, but still not as small as I want to be.
    I use to act sad or depressed to get someone's attetion. Now I just talk, talk, talk. That's why I get on here and talk. No one wants to listen to me as much as I talk. That will get you more attention sometimes. Not like being annoying but just talking to people. If you are in a crowded room, talk to people. If you are in a room with a few people, talk to them. It will get you more attention in the long run.
    You might want to start working on some of the insecurities before getting on stage. That might give you problems.
    There are plenty of people that have rape fantasies. Nothing wrong with that, but if you have ever been raped you know that it's a crazy thing. You don't want that for yourself.


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