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Real women have curves

1. My best friend, whom I'm deeply in love with almost committed suicide the other week. He said I saved his life. Id be devastated without him. 
2. I find I have done things I was always adamantly opposed to. I try to live with the philosophy of never regretting something that once made you smile.
3. I have been with my husband for 10 yrs. I feel like I'm in a boring marriage and have strayed as a result.
4. I'm phobic of doctors. To the point where I wood rather suffer than go. Even in emergency situations.
5. I'm so self conscious even though people compliment me. It's hard to believe. I'm not hideous, but I'm a real woman with hips,big boobs and curves. Fortunately the men in my life think I'm good looking, even if it goes against the medias stereotypes.

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