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My kind of freak

1. So, I made the biggest mistake ever by cheating on my bf of five years. A few days later we laid down to get it on, and he pulls a condom out of me that obviously the guy I cheated with failed to mention came off inside of me. Ugh, I'm so mad at myself and him:(   
2. I love my bf mentioned in secret one so much but am so tired of waiting on him to make a commitment to me. Its been five years and nothing yet. I don't even know if its worth it anymore. I guess it doesn't matter anymore though huh???  
3. Even though all this is going on in my life right now, I feel so at peace with myself. Is that weird??   
4. I love having sex with girls!!! Its only the sex that I love though because I once tried the relationship thing and it totally was not for me. Maybe it was that particular girl though, can you say nervewrecker???    5: I am very sexually uninhibited. I love sex!! I love to cum and I love to make others cum. Does that make me a freak??

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