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Self awareness can be lonely

♥ ive been in love with the females body since i was 8 and i used to watch porn on my grandmas tv and looked through my uncles playboy magazines. i also think that was the age where i stared to masterbate. btw, im a 15 year old girl.
♥ ive been smoking cigarettes and weed since i was 13. i recently stopped smoking weed because, since i havent smoked it in so long, it doesnt give me the excitement it used to. 
♥ i know im more mature than most of my friends. i cant explain it, but i just feel as if im more aware of myself and my surroundings more than everyone else. im growing up faster than ive ever expected. i got rid of most of my friends because i just couldnt handle the drama and all of the immature bullsht they would start. im just over it.
♥ i pretty much became a depressed freak this summer..i totally isolated myself from EVERYBODY. i stopped talking to my closest friends and becane glued to my bed. ive literally only hungout with my friends like..6 times this entire summer. im starting to get better though. ive been going places with my friend stephanie, and im glad that were finally becoming close again.

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