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Sex is easy, love is hard

1. I can't stand the feeling of dying for can someone easily have sex but give no affection or makes me so sad every time I think about it. I feel so low bcus of this rejection.

2. I'm a pretty happy person, I'm not liike a sulking emo person. But
 a lot of times wen I'm by myself ill just cry bcus my heart hurts from being lonely

3. I wish I was a better person, sometimes it feels like drugs and sex are taking over my mind completely

4. I wish I could smoke sum fukin weed but I can't cus I'm clean and I'm leavin for basic training for the army the day after tomorrow

5. Sometimes I feel like I should completely give up on love or boyfriends or any kind of relationship for the rest of my life to keep myself from hurting like this, but I kno I wouldn't b able to do that bcus I'm such a sucker for those butterflies and sparks and being loved..

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