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Rusty nails

1.The 65 year old, whose name was Rusty, who blackmailed me when i was 13 into having gay sex with, forced me to totally shave my body hair off, even my pubes, not that i had much. I had to cut p.e. class for 4 years cuz of it. My parents decided i was really shy, when in reality i was parading naked at our neighbors house in front of him and occaisionally his friends, on a daily basis.

2. Rusty made me sneak out after my parents went to sleep and go to his house to give him blowjobs and so he could buttfuck me. I had to undress completely on the side of my house and race across the street and down two houses naked to his house. It was scary but thrilling too!

3. Once a month Rusty had friends over and i had to greet them at the door naked except for wrist and ankle cuffs,belt, leash and collar and a ballspreader cockstrap. I had to wait on them then i had to have sex with them. They were mostly older men, but sometimes there were younger one.

4. i had to call Rusty 'Master'. He tied me up a lot and spanked me with his bare hand or a belt. He had all kinds of leather bondage gear.

5. i lured other boys over to Rustys a couple of times and helped him get them high on alchohol and drugs, then Rusty would film us having sex on his 8mm camera,(there was no digital back then) a couple of times there were two other boys, but mostly it was just me and one other boy naked and having gay sex.

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