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Two wrongs make it even

1) I've posted on here before about cheating on my now husband with a former co-worker I still feel like shit about that but I'm petty sure that my husband has at least once if not more has cheated on me but I don't care because two wrongs doesn't make it right it makes it even . Anyways now that co-worker is back on the job i still have feeling of love for him but as a friend now I don't think I could ever cheat again I can't even imagine it I love my husband that much but I'm scared about the what if's 

2) one of my husbands best friends kissed me it was early on our relationship I told him about it recently he didn't care he said he was drunk I didn't believe him an quick said no but I enjoyed it he had the softest lips I wouldn't have slept with himbut I did wonder what was goin on in my life back then I was pretty sluty I guess

3) when I was about 7 my brother and his friend made me give them oral sex I kind of knew it was wrong but I never said anything that incidents really screwed up my life an the way I look at my brother even to this day we don't really have a great relationship but I still try I have no other family left.

4) I suffer from extreme anxieties sometimes I've had panic attack at work so bad I almost passed out I don't know why I tend to stay cool under pressure bit sometimes enough I can't take it anymore 

5)sometime I lie, cheat, an steal to get what I want from people they never know that it was   me because it I try to take little thing that won't be missed

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