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She said hard

1. My bf says he doesn't like to have sex a lot because he doesn't like himself or his dick. This drives me nuts because I love both him and his dick and the way he fucks. When he doesn't want to have sex I sometimes make myself cum after he falls asleep--I go in the bathroom sometimes so he doesn't know what I'm doing when I really wish what I was doing was him. I wish he'd get over the issues he finds with himself and just fuck me all the time (but I understand that its VERY HARD--haha--to get over insecurities because I have a bunch of my own).

2. I love it when my boyfriend has anal sex with me. He doesn't think I like it, but I absolutely LOVE it, especially when he licks my asshole first.

3. I love the feeling of when he cums inside me. It feels like our connection goes even deeper. I think he thinks I want him to knock me up when I want him to come in me, but thats far from the truth. I never ever ever want kids, it just feels awesome. In fact, I think I may not capable of having kids.

4. He seems to be under the impression that I'm too innocent or not very outgoing sexually--if he read this I doubt he'd ever think it was me who posted it, but really the thought of taking our sex life to new places turns me on soooo much. I want him to in no particular order: woke me up by either eating me out or fucking me, ask me to give him blow jobs, bend me over the counter in the kitchen and fuck me whenever he wants to--just because it feels good, watch porn with me and do what they're doing in the porn or pretend i'm the girl from the porn and have at me, eat me out when I'm on my period, live out any and all of his fantasies with me that he can, have secret meetings with him in hotel rooms and fuck all night like we are strangers.

5. I have some sexual issues that extend from my youth that sometimes makes it hard for me to get off. I feel like if he understood all the fucked up shit that happened to me he wouldn't get upset that I don't cum sometimes and understand that its not because of him. Also I'm a girl and we don't always cum--thats just how it is!! But either way I posted 5 secrets before this of the messed up things that I went through. He may never read them and know it was me, but sometimes I just wish he knew it all and could understand me better. I wish he wanted to know more about me and my life.

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