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Congrats on getting over your ex

1. I like to text random numbers when I'm lonely, just to see if they answer back. So if you get a text from someone you don't know, and probably has the wrong number, talk to them anyways. It's probably me.
2. I'm just now getting over this guy and I wanna scream it to the world. I'm so proud of myself for it, but I don't wanna get sympathy or kudos... I just want someone to congratulate me.
3. I'm a junior in high school and I'm loathing the day I graduate. I feel like I'm growing up too fast.
4. I eat my nephews baby food when it's time for him to eat. The graduates yogurt melts are sooo yummy. Lol... lame, I know.
5. I wanna love someone, but it feels like there's no one out there worth my time.

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