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Doing the nasty

Uno.  When I was in high school there was this girl I liked who I never talked to when I went on to college me and that girl started talking and dating each other. We are now engaged and getting married by the end of the year. But the thing is I had sex with 2 of her "friends" before I got with her and I know she would dump me if she found out.

Dos. The reason why it took so long to talk to her was because I was always so shy and it only worked out because she talked to me first. I got really bad confidence issues too but I know how to play it cool.

Tres.  Sumtimes I'm scared that I will never find a steady job and wouldn't be able to take care of my wife and child

Cuatro.  Despite number three I think that my best days are in the near future

Cinco.  I have a problem with sex and it is that I do anything to any girl no matter how nasty I think that it really is 

Extra: I have bad depression witch really messes up my relationship with my wife because she says I do a good job as a father ( we have a three month old daughter) but I just don't believe it most times

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