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A good place to be

5. My male best friend whom I've been in love with off and on for years just recently got in touch with me again. I'm a little afraid of him right now... I fear if I get close to him again, I won't be able to control my emotions and end up heartbroken again. I honestly don't think I can handle going through that again. 

4. I sincerely believe that he is my soulmate, but I can't help but think that I'm crazy for believing that to be true because you're not supposed to meet your soulmate when you're 14 in a poetry chat room.   

3. I have control issues. I just try to mask them so people won't hate me for it.

2. I went topless at a nude beach the other day for the first time with a friend. We were totally secluded and it was awesome. 

1. I am the happiest I have ever been. This year has been the first time that I've been fully at peace with where I am and who I am since I was a kid. 

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