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The bad kind of butterflies

1.I can't tell my bf why I'm falling so hard for him...when we kiss i get all shakey.. my heart races. I get butterflies..

2.Sometimes when we have sex my butterflies are so bad that I have to keep myself from throwing up.

3.I've been engaged 3 times and yet I broke off two of those and I'm now in another relationship but now its different I have a kid. The 1st n 2nd time I was engaged I was 15. The last time was because I got preggers.

4.I'm 20.5'7 and weigh bout 125lbs. I have an eating disorder. Actually I have two. Bulimic and aneroxia. 

5.My mood swings are so bad I'll end up blaming them on the period I don't have..for bout 4months.

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