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Free to be me

1. As I sit here I am more confused than I have ever been in my whole life. I have so much on my mind that I can't sleep. I stay up all night wondering why things can't just be simpler. 
2. I know that my ex loves me and I love him too however I do not feel we are meant to be a couple. Our personalities are so different and things are going to end just as they did before. 
3. My ex thinks I can't handle being single. He says that I need a man in my life. I am ready to show him otherwise. I can make it just fine without a man. I enjoy being independent.
4. My best friend's husband has been trying to get me to have phone sex with him the past week. I would think about doing it if it were not him. I will never do that to my best friend. 
5. I just want to feel free. I am tired of feeling sad. I am tired of feeling unloved. I am tired of feeling trapped. I am tired of feeling pressured. I am tired of feeling controlled. I am tired of not being me. I want to be free to be me. 

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  1. You can't always expect to have to same personality as someone else. You shouldn't have to worry about that. The thing you should worry about is how much he loves you and how willing he is do go out of his way for you. And trust and commitment. My parents personalities are way different! but that's how you learn everyday from your spouse. If you both had the same personalities then it would just be boring because there wouldn't be anything new to discover about them. When your in a relationship your learning more and more things about your significant other every single day. But I can also understand your freedom part too. Good luck babe.


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