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We all need some time alone

* My answer is I just can't do it right now but instead of giving me a chance to explain my feelings he is just going to jump straight down my throat and tell me what a horrible person I am. I already see that one coming.  
* Yes, I admit, I was wrong for showing any affection at all. I just can't help myself. I am so drawn to his body. If I would have just not went back around and kept doing what I was doing he would have been fine. My heart would still be broken because I wanted to be around him. 
* Sometimes I feel like I can't go around him without being affectionate. Whether that is because of the attraction I have for him or the straight sexual tension between the two of us. 
* He never understands anything I try to say. He is forever disrespecting someone. There is always someone he doesn't like. Someone he wish wasn't around. Someone who did him wrong. Next person in line is me. I am sure I have the red lazor pointed on my forehead already. 
* I wish that I were better able to explain my feelings cause right now I simply look like a white trash piece of meat whore. I hate that feeling. I am not a whore. However, at this point I do not believe he would ever trust me if we got back together because I did cheat on someone else with him.
Bonus: Truth is, I just want to be single for a little while. Nothing personal toward anyone but I am tired of hurting and hurting others. Just want to be alone and completely heal my heart before trying to date again.  It will be awhile. 

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