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To find your other half, you have to be whole

1. I promise I am never going to date another guy until I am sure of how to communicate properly in a relationship. I must go to counseling first.
2. I promise to not depend of him for comfort anymore. He only uses that against me and he has every right. I am sending mixed signals. I must stop being so dependent on him.
3. I promise to go to the doctor as soon as I get income tax money. Not telling anyone but I really think I have something major wrong with me. I must see the doc and find out what the problem is. 
4. I promise to put my child first and foremost from now on. He is most important in my life and should be the center of every decision I make. I must remember that God gave him to me to love and cherish. I must see to it that I teach him what true love is. 
5. I promise I am going to learn to love myself before I allow another man to fall in love with me. I will get to the point that I am comfortable in my own skin. I must get involved in more activities that are going to boost my self esteem and make me feel like a respectable woman. 

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