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Best served cold

1. I want to fuck my stepdaughter.  She is 24 y.o.  Me and her mom only got together 3 years ago.

2. I am so fat I can't see the end of my dick over my stomach.

3. I fanatasize about taking a machete to any old people in front of me in the ATM queue.  These oldies take fucking forever and always put their card back in after they take out money to get a receipt.  Do they really think the machine is going to cheat them?

4. I had a boss 15 years ago that I didn't like.  After I changed jobs I waited for nearly 10 years then started sending him pizza deliveries, booking cabs to the airport for him at 5am, and all crap I could find with a 'try it for free and return it if you don't like it' offer.  It must have driven him crazy and cost him a fortune to return all the stuff.  But hey, its best served cold right? and that's what happens when you practice nepotism in the workplace.

5. I am nearly 40 y.o. with a PhD and other business qualifications.  I suppose I am successful, I've a decent salary and a lot of responsibilities.  My staff rely on me to bring in the work that pays their salary.  But inside I still feel like I'm 12 y.o. and that someone is going to expose me as a fraud that I feel I am.

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