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Discovery channel addict

So many secrets, where to begin. 

1. Sometimes I'm such a bitch I can hardly stand myself. Not sure how anyone puts up with my shit. 

2. I have someone but i keep them around until something better comes along. Just wasting time for right now. Could cut them loose but then I couldn't have my fun. Besides, who knows what they are doing while I'm at work at night anyway. 

3. I have the ability to drive people insane. Get rid of them then pull them back in just to throw them away again. 

4. Watching animals mate turns me on more than anything else. I've never done it but beastiality is totally hot. 

5. If it weren't for my kid, I'd be a way worse person than I am right now. So I'm glad I have my kid. Cause I do have a pretty good life when I think about it. 

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