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i have masturbated to porn in 8 different languages

i want to kill myself. im seriously considering it. there needs to be a.."sign" to stop me

i want to suck a cock and kiss men, but i dont want to be gay full time.

shane dawson is one of the reasons i havent committed suicide ..yet.

spelling mistakes infuriate me beyond belief. it honestly scares me how much i am angered by them. im not sure if possible, but i have some kind of mental disorder toawrds spelling mistakes.

[bonus] if i make any goddamn spelling mistakes in this thing i will destroy my iphone.

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  1. go ahead and destroy your phone bc it's towards not toawrds haha jk:)

  2. Ah shit.. I meant to correct that typo for him. Sorry sweetie. iPhones are expensive and use up a lot of resources to produce. If you must destroy, please send the shattered remnants to be recycled.


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