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Everyone wants a mile

1) Some days I wonder if I will even make it to the next day. I get so exhausted and I have headaches so bad. I wish they would stop. Just one day without a headache would be nice. 
2) Sometimes I feel like I do so much for other people and they take advantage of that. I will never understand why someone takes a mile when you offer an inch. 
3) I just want a vacation. A time away where I don't have to worry about money cause everything is paid. Wow, wouldn't that be nice? Just my child and I. No drama of any kind, just vacation and fun. 
4) As much as I do for other people and the ones that matter most don't even realize how much they mean to me. I try to explain to the ones I love how much I love them, but sometimes I feel like words just can't explain it. 
5) I just want to feel that love in return. Some days I feel like if I disappeared then no one would even notice. I don't want anything to happen to me, but some days I wonder what everyone would do or how long it would take them to notice if I weren't around. 

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