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A feast fit for a king

1. I think uncut dicks are nasty. I would never turn a guy down with one, not their fault, but just a cut dick is such a turn on- even to just look at.
2. I am so embarrassed when my nipples show through my shirt. I have D cup boobs, and they aren't really perky- gee go figure. I will even go out of my way to fold up a small piece of tissue and place it in my bra over my nipples. That way if they get hard, it won't be obvious. If I had smaller perkier tits I know I would not mind. sigh. I'm just so paranoid about that. 
3. Once I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and shit my pants :( I had really bad liquid diarrhea.
4. I wish women didn't have to be 100% responsible for birth control (ie" horomonal, non barrier forms). My sex life would be so much more fulfilling if all the weight wasn't on me. there is a birth control pill for men that will be revealed in the next few yrs. My dream! I wouldn't trust a lot of guys with it, but my husband yes. 
5. I've tasted my own juices plenty of times. I gush and get completely soaked. I like to know what the guy is eating down there ;) No wonder no one has ever complained. It makes me that much more confident to shove it in any man's face, knowing they will feast :)

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