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Fetish < fiancé

1.) I'm engaged to the only man I've ever had sex with(or have done anything else with for that matter).  We've been together for three years and I love him to death, but sometimes when we have sex, I can't help but imagine I'm being raped or fucked by other men.

2.) My fiancee and I have so many dirty fantasies and fetishes, my family would disown me if they ever found out all of the things we've done.  We're quite a kinky couple.

3.) I've never been with another woman, but I know I'm bisexual, and I plan on having a threesome with another girl and my fiancee as soon as we can go to Japan.  

4.) My fiancee has an Asian fetish, and it makes me feel ugly and worthless to him.  I often try to starve myself so I can be as petite as them.  I've also tried to change my eye makeup and I dyed my hair black.  But I can't pull it off since I'm a fat American girl with huge thighs and a big ass.  He says he loves my big thighs and ass, but I can't understand how when he also loves the petite little Asian girls.  He's so confusing sometimes.

5.) Even though I would get every surgery in the world in order to get rid of all my fat and my huge thighs, I do kind of like my ass, and I love it when my fiancee fucks and comes in my ass.  I'm a very horny girl.

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