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A fucked up world

im not this nice guy ppl make me out to be.I have had my share of trouble but its nobodies business.i want to have this false judgement of me whenever i meet any1.

I have been arrested a total of 4 times.they were for dumb petty shit.the worst part of it is trying to sleep...those benches are not comfy to lie down.ppl do leave you alone if you just stay quiet and ignore everyone.I always joked with my arresting officer, i gain their trust and cause of it they tell me when ill b able to leave rather then b ignored like many punks in the cell.

i once got a bj from a i proud? no,but up until then i had not gotten any so i figured I might as well.I mean it doesnt make me gay,right? i didnt touch them i just let them suck me felt good and thats all that should matter right?

I enjoy stealing from stores.there was a time where i would steal something everyday.that lasted for a all i think i have totaled up a bill of over $ list includes sodas, candy, books, dvds, pens, flashlights, a burrito, porn mags, a small keg (i still wonder how we got away with that). my best items were a 4gb sd card and a digital recorder,that was worth 120 together.there are many blind spots and workers look at me and judge right away that i wont steal anything cause of my naive of them.

I laugh at any scene that involves rape.anytime i read an article of a girl being raped i chuckle.i have no conscience and i dont see anything wrong with it.i would watch anyman being killed, i want to see man resort to their basic instinct and try in futile to live.its better knowing for me that there is something wrong with my head rather then wondering.i know im strange and for that i can rest easily knowing that the world is more fucked up then me.

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