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I see you... watching me!

1 a while ago a staff sergent in my unit came over to my room to "watch a movie", I know enough to know it was a booty call. I fucked her for hours, I made her scream and come dozens of times. she couldn't make me come so after a while I told her I did. I don't have the heart to tell her the truth.

2 I work in an ICU and see people die on a regular basis, its part of the job. We do everything we can but we can't stop it. The fucked up part is it doesn't bother me when they die. I don't feel anything at all, I just keep on working through my shift.

3 when I'm at work I'm paranoid and think most of my co-workers are watching me, waiting till I mess up so they can get me into trouble.

4 I want to fuck the shit out of most of the women I see but id much rather be in a relationship

5. I act confident and like I don't care what people think but most of the time when I butt heads with someone it sticks with me for a while and it takes a lot for me to shrug it off.

Ps I love this site I read it when I'm at work (when I'm not busy with patients) and K I really like your clever titiles for the posts. You're doing a great job! Keep it up

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