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Good riddance to ex crack heads

I love my kids with all my heart.  but FUCK! they drive me crazy.  my wife has been going to school monday to friday for the last 7 months. from 7 to noon everyday. I come home at 6 or 630 in the mourning. our 2 children are 2 and 3. I have to get up at about 930 or 10  monday through friday so that my kids are up and fed on time. somtimes its easy. othertimes ill sleep just a little too long like to 11 or so. when i wake up to go check on my kids. my son usaully shits his diaper then takes it off throws it around the room untill he finally tosses it in his sisters crib. i forgot to mention i work 12 hour shifts.  and the first thing i genrally get to deal wih when i wake up is a piss soaked bed or shit coverd walls

I want to go back to school myself but i dont know if ill get the chance. my wife is now doing her externship and it will last for 8 weeks. 8 fuckin weeks of coming home gettin half assed sleep then getting up for the day to watch the kids only to wrap all of it up by going back to work once the wife comes home at 5. i work from 6 to 6 and i fucking hate it. all i have ever worked was 12 hour shifts. but i cant stand it. i want a job that allows me time to come home sleep for a few hours then deal with everything.

 I find that as each day passes i believe in god less and less. for some omnipotent father figure he sure ass hell doesnt seem to give two shits about most of us. im  sure there are people out there who will say that they have all kinds of proof for whatever reason, sad thing is, is that my son was oborn 3 months early and would have died, but he didnt. hes now a healthy 3 year old badass.
 people will say it was god who saw me through my dark times and allowed my son to pull through. but then i ask u this.  25% of women who have premature births are unexplainable. guess which percentile my wife was in. so would it be fair to also assume god is responsable
 for the unexplained? if thats the case why the fuck should i be grateful to someone who was gonna fuck me over in the first place? loving and caring father? i say  more like a deadbeat dad.

To the [person] who thinks 85% of black men are on the dl. [*edited for content] i can assure u as a black man i have no intrest in dick. and none of my friends do either.or my family.

i think george bush jr was the worst president we have ever had. he made our country look like a fuckin joke. how is it there are more criteria to be a cop than there are to be president? ex crack head in the white house yeah way to go america!

[Sorry about the edits, it's site policy. I'd be pissed too.]

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