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Military service also has it's merits

1. To the wm retail person u say everyone should spend 1 yr in retail.  I think they should do that 1 yr in the military or truck driving.   

2. Wm employers should treat ya right before the customer

3. I want to fuck a hot wm female customer service worker. 

4. Want to bend her over and chose which hole to fuck. 

5. Then I want to cum all over her face.  

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  1. Got this in the submission box...not really secrets, soooo:

    To the person who responded to my wm I agree everyone should go into the military to learn respect for others.

    2 I always loved a man in uniform its so hot

    3 I'm not coustomer service but a sales associate would you still want me?

    4 I always wanted a military man to fuck the shit out of me

    5 if your interested repost with an e-mail ill respond to you and maybe some time you could cum on my face


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