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You always remember the first

H - I'm 16 and I finally have my first boyfriend. I'd been waiting for so long and picking the wrong guys and when I finally gave up, he came along and swept me off my feet. I've known him for years and we lost contact for a while, but we finally got to talking and texting again and things just fell into place. I'm glad that he's mine and though I haven't seen him in person in 5, almost 6 years, all the times I've hurt and cried were worth it because all those moments and rejections brought me to him. He's the first guy to ever like me and to ever ask for my number. And he's the first to ever like me and want me for the person I am and not for what I look like. He's the first to say that I'm beautiful and gorgeous and fun and that he enjoys my company. I'm glad that he's here cause even though he's always been there, I never realized how close he'd been and I can't imagine life without knowing him, whether it's as a friend or as my boyfriend.

E - Everyone seems to think it's funny to make fun of the fact that I'm a Christian. I was raised in a Protestant-Catholic home [I don't know how that worked, to be honest.] and for a long time, I pushed it away because it was being pushed down my throat as the right way to go. But looking into it on my own behalf makes it something good for me to believe in and I don't appreciate when people make fun. It doesn't matter to me what religion one believes in, as long as they feel the same peace I feel with mine.

L - I hate when I come on here and find secrets that complain about how lame other secrets are. Everyone's got something to hide, no matter how big or small it is. That little secret might be something they've been hiding for a long time. They don't judge your secrets so why should it be okay for them? 

L - Sometimes when I'm reading the secrets on here, there are a few that catch my eye and make me think I know that person because their secret is the same as someone I know in my own life. I like to think that at least one person I know on here posts secrets every week and I read them without even knowing it's them.

O - I'm 16, a virgin, and I've never been kissed. And people say that's normal and part of me thinks so too, but there's a small piece of me that thinks I'm a freak because I haven't done that stuff. I'm happy to be a virgin because I haven't found the right person to lose it to and I don't mind that some people make fun of me for it, but I wish that I'd at least have my first kiss already. My new boyfriend insists that he's going to be the first of many things, but the one thing he's excited about the most is being the first boy to finally kiss me. I think it's sweet and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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  1. you're certainly not a freak for never having been kissed at 16. Mine was on my 20th birthday... best birthday ever.

    and good for you for being proud of your faith.


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